Reading Update/Currently Reading

So I’m back at blogging finally! This year I fell into the biggest slump I have ever been in. At least after slump became a thing. So far I have only read 27 books. That would be a massive amount before I got into reading challenges, readathons and twitter, but now it’s the sure sign of a slump.

I’m happy to say though I’m finally out of it! I began binge watching bookswithemilyfox on booktube. I recommend you all go check her out. She has quite similar taste as me and it reminded me I should pick up books I was more in mood for rather than trying to finish books that was trying hard to keep me in my slumpiness. It took some time to find the right books, but I now I have few going that I’m exited about!

Here’s the books I’m currently reading:

Earth Abides by George R. Stewart:

Earth Abides Earth Abides is a post-apocalyptic novel taking place after humanity has more or less been wiped out from an unknown desease. There’s only a few survivors and we follow Ish as he struggle to find a new way of life. I thought the book was very slow in the first part, but then it began to pick up and now about 40% in it’s very good. This is my kindle app book, I only read it when I’m walking my cat, cooking etc so it’s probably gonna take some time. Some times they get too exiting though and I end up transferring them to my physical kindle.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling:

Order of the Phoenix

Which Harry Potter is your favorite? It’s so hard to choose, but for me it’s between this and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I’m reading this book before I go to sleep on my kindle and it is such a magical place to be in. You can never have enough Harry Potter in your life!



The Last Man Standing by Davide Longo:

Last Man Standing

I’m on a postapocalyptic roll and because Swan Song took ages to arrive, I started this instead. The first 100 pages hasn’t quite felt post-apocalyctic though. It is about a man and his two children. He is divorced from their mother, but as the world is slowly going to pieces, she leave them with him and so far it doesn’t look like she will come back. The first part feels more like a mafia or gang novel, but now the world seem to fully collapse and I have hope it will get that atmosphere I’m looking for. Seems like such an odd thing to hope for that the world fully ends in the book you are reading xD


Where Angels Fear to Tread by E.M. Forster:


This book is so boring. There’s no way around it. I just want it over and done with. Luckily it’s short and I’m doing two readathons so I should have it done soon (hopefully). It is about etiquette and proper behaviour and a girl who travel to Italy and then marriy an Italian man. It’s the type of book I would have to study in context to truly get the point of it I feel. But I’m not at all interested enough to do that. Let’s just get it done!


Swan Song by Robert R. McCammon:

Swan Song

So this is the post-apocalyptic book I was actually waiting for! It finally arrived and I couldn’t wait to start it. Will just be reading it very slowly while I finish The Last Man Standing. I don’t know much more than the world has ended and there’s some almost fantasy like elements. It is often set side by side with The Stand by Stephen King. I haven’t read The Stand yet either, but that’s enough to get me interested!


Assassin’s Apprentice, Robin Hobb:

Assassins Apprentice

This is the first book in Hobbs’ fantasy series. It follows Fitz, a royal bastard from his first childhood years and as he is adopted into the royal household and trained as an assassin. It’s a quite slow and dense read, but her writing is beautiful and she fleshes out her world very well.



Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli:

simon vsLast one, I promise! Wait you haven’t read this yet? No I haven’t simply by the shallow reason of really not liking this cover. It’s plain unattractive. I know the inside is what is supposed to count, but don’t tell me you jump on a book you can’t stand to look at (or that you haven’t grabbed that gourgeous book from the store, no idea what it is about). But I needed a book to read on my small kindle while I work out at the gym. I needed it to be fast paced and not too hard to read so hopefully this fullfills that. I’m not sold on it yet, but I’m only 10 % in, hardly enough to judge it.


Other than that I’m also starting up:

dark mat

His Dark Materials trilogy. I have never read these and this book is gourgeous, screaming December cozyness. I will probably be starting it up tonight. Another one to just dip my toes into until I finish Assassin’s Apprentice.





So these are all the books I’m currently reading! Let me know what you are reading and if you have any books in particular you want to read in December? Do you have a book you read every year? 




January Wrap Up – Currently Reading – Books I want to Read in February

Wrap Up:

January wasn’t a great reading month in terms of numbers. I only finished two books. The books however were very good; even a five star, so I can’t complain too much. I spent a lot of the month gaming so that ate a bit into my reading time. I also had the brilliant (not so) idea of participating in a readalong and a group read. Neither of those were books I truly were in mood for and I ended up putting them away until my mood changes. So for the two books I did finish:


4 Stars

My sister loves this book! I don’t even know how many times she has read it. I finally picked up the English version after not having read it in many years and it was very good. It’s YA before YA. I don’t know how to describe the plot without spoiling too much, but it was sad and cozy all at once. Recommended for a short and sweet read.

the bear


5 Stars

This lovely book was the book that kicked off my year! It’s Russia, fairytales and wonder. I was fairly certain I would love it so it seemed the perfect first book of the year. It’s also Auroras’ favorite book and she sent me this as a gift! Thank you! it truly was as amazing as you said ^^

Check out her blog here:  Aurora Librialis

I can’t recommend enough you pick this up! Preferably now during winter. It’s the best book to read while under a blanket with hot chocolate and a furry companion if you have one.


Since my wrap up is so short I decided to share a bit what I’m reading right now and some books I hope to get to in February. My mood is going everywhere right now though it will be interesting to see what I actually end up reading.

Currently Reading:


I have been in mood for big fantasy for a long time so I decided to begin with the first book in Wheel of Time. It’s big, it’s epic and all about adventure. It’s the classic dark vs light story. I have read the first books before. I hope I get further into it this time. I feel it is almost mandatory for a fantasy lover.





I picked this up one day I had to have a very small book to fit in my purse. It follows a man in a labor camp and as such is of course a bleak read. So far it is good, but not as good as I thought I would find it. I have read some of his GULAG work before and they made it more real to me than this book does for some reason. Still an important book to read and a very important part of Russian literature which I love.





I have had this book for a very long time and I decided now was the time to get to it. I loved I, Robot and I want to get to his other work. A list I found recommend a certain order and apparently these are better to read first. I’m not huge on crime. It is a tradition here in Norway to read crime during Easter and that is the only time I find myself craving it. I love space, but I’m more interested in other planets, other species or robots, but not crime set in sci fi setting. That’s why this book has been on my kindle for way too long now.



Whenever I find myself having a rough day this is the book I turn to. Or rather the series. I love these two elves and all the everyday descriptions make me feel comforted and at home. It’s heavily influenced by Tolkien and it took a book for the author to truly find her stride so if the first book don’t appeal, I say read the next one too. I love all of them though and I return to them often.



Books I want to Read in February:


In addition to finishing up some of those I’m reading now, I have some books I’m drawn to right now.


I began this series last year and the first book was very good. I hope to continue it soon and I have borrowed the second book from mum so it would be good if I could finish it in February.






I finally caved in and bought the hardback version of this book. And now it is staring at me and begging me to read it! I av been drawn to the covers for a long while. Hopefully the book is as good as the cover is pretty.







I got this book too from Aurora and it looks like a fast read and a different one than I’m used to. I’m very exited for it and guys this cover is stunning! This picture doesn’t capture it unfortunately. It’s shiny and green!





These are all the books that I’m surrounded by right now. What did you read in January? Do you have any exiting reads planned for February too? 


Resolutions and books I want to read in 2018!

We are already some days into 2018 and the reading year has begun! As always that means putting down goals and deciding some books to prioritise during the year.


I want to take my time with reading this year and not feel to stressed by amount. I’m craving those big fantasies and last year I felt I didn’t have time being a slower reader. So this year is all about quality, not quantity (hopefully). I want to allow myself to enjoy what I read so I set my goal at 60 books which is 15 down from last year.

As always I have plenty reading challenges in my corner at the goodreads reading group I’m in: Winter’s Neverending Story If I can complete them remains to be seen, but they are a lot of fun and there’s always next year if I can’t. There should also be plenty of twitter challenges and readathons hopefully!

I want to participate in more goodreads group reads. It’s my task as a mod in our goodreads group and it’s nice to be able to participate in the discussions. I have started well with The Picture of Dorian Gray which I think will be a very interesting read. More about that one in my wrap up later.

I want to prioritise Shannara and Wheel of Time. Maybe Sword of Truth too. They are series I have started before and now I want to start them again. Shannara most because I have collected them and it seems a shame those gourgeous books should just stay there on the shelf. Just look at these two !! :

15567 scions

I have attempted Wheel of Time more than once. My new strategy is to buy the series used in the prettiest covers, the black ones. (Okay that’s just an exuse for getting them..) I want to read it since it’s a big part of what fantasy has become and truly a huge achievement in its’ scope.

1111608 great hunt

As for some books I really want to read in 2018:

the bear

Half cheating since I’m already reading this. So far it is as wonderful as I had hoped!








I want to continue this wonderful series! They take me long to read, but they are a blast! And since this year is all about enjoying the big fatansies, what better than to get caught up on some favorite series?! I can’t wait! (It’s actually on it’s way to me right now, spoiler).





Romance of the Three Kingdoms.. This ginormous book is on its’ way to me and I hope to dip my toes into it this year. This is more than reading, it’s a project.. It’s a whooping 3240 pages and I would be lying if I didn’t say it scares me quite a bit. But at the same time I’m also utterly fascinated. We will see whether fascination or fright wins this year ^^




This is it! My biggest priorities in 2018! What books do you really want to get to this year? Do you have any special goals and did you set a goodreadschallenge? I wish you all a wonderful reading year with plenty of good books! 



























2017 In Review

2017 is coming to a close and it’s time to take a look back. If you’re like me you love looking at your goodreads reading challenge and see the visual of the books you have read and you’re not quite willing to admit to how often you do. Well also love looking back at them and see which book actually ended up being my favorite and which ones did not live up to the expectations. In the goodreads group I moderate we always look back at the year and everyone posts answer to some questions. I decided to do it here too. So without further ado..

 1. How many books did you read? Did you (or will you) meet your 2017 goal?

74 books, almost 75 which is my goal so yes, I will finally meet it!


2. Which books were your favorite?

I’m glad it says books because I can’t possibly choose one!

queens hundene queen of 2001 battle

Yes yes these are a lot of favorites, but here me out.

Queens of Geek was a lovely YA about friendship, love, Aspergers and nerdy conventions. It’s one of those books who make you feel the exitement of being together with likeminded people and the diversity in this book felt natural.

Når hundene kommer (not translated) is an intense Swedish YA contemporary. I read it in one day and it rekindled my love for contemporary and reminded me to buy more so I have a stack to get me out of slumps!

Queen of Shadows is the fourth book in the Throne of Glass series and although many prefer the A Court of Thorns and Roses series, I love this one and think it is her best. It has everything I want in a fantasy (as cliché as that sounds.) I haven’t decided yet if this is my favorite book in the series or not, but it’s definitely up there.

2001: A Space Odyssey was a wonderful albeit chilling surprise. I don’t want to spoil too much because it was all about not really knowing what I went into. But it was a crazy, stunning journey that left me with a very healthy sceptism for certain things.

Battle Royale was amazing! It might very well be the best book I read this year if you don’t count my re-reads. I didn’t expect too much of this after the .. interesting movie. If you have seen it you know what I mean. It’s absurd and the music doesn’t fit the theme at all, creating comedic scenes in this extremely violent and bloody movie. But the book was something else! It was serious, addictive and wonderful.


5. What was the biggest surprise for you?


I didn’t expect to get so drawn into 1984. I thought I might find it interesting, but since Brave New World left me feeling so dissapointed I was a bit iffy about this one too. it was exellent however and at parts I couldn’t put it down!


What book do you wish you got to?


When I bought Mrs Dalloway, I was so exited to finally read some Woolf. But I was in mood for other types of books just then and after that a big slump hit me. The timing just wasn’t right and knowing that it is a book I will need to be in the mood for, I decided to put it off. I’m hoping I get to it next year though!


Biggest disappointment?


I looked forward to getting lost in Caraval, but this ended up being a big disappointment unfortunately. It was just not for me. I loved the theme of the book and written another way I would probably have loved it too. But the characters didn’t do it for me at all. I didn’t connect to them and as such didn’t care. Everything resolved to quickly and I didn’t feel the tension. I know many love it and I wish I was one of them.


The Year

I enjoyed a lot of books and had much fun exploring new books this year. Even so it just feel like a good or okay reading year. 2016 kicked off with The Martian, and unfortunately nothing has really topped that experience since. This year didn’t really have any book that left me in such a big hangover as that. I also read quite a few I didn’t enjoy and spent a lot of time in a slump. But I’m happy I got to some really good ones too. I learned to stock up on YA contemporaries to get me out of slumps and I’m exited to be out of my slump and ready for 2018. I’m still thinking where to set my goodreads goal. Next year I hope to have time for some big fantasy among other things and not being stressed about it. I hope to start both Wheel of Time and Shannara. I also want to discover more good YA and delve deeper into those classics. Among all else I just hope to read more really good books. I have the first book picked out already and it’s looking to be a good January!

November Wrap Up

November was a great month for me. I read 11 books! Seems like I’m definitely out of the slump I have been in this autumn!

* I count novellas as books too. I had such trouble deciding what should count in my goodreads reading challenge, I decided to count them all. It balances out with the longer ones anyways.

While I didn’t like all books I read this month I’m just super exited to be in the mood for reading again and feeling exited about the worlds I’m going to travel to and the stories to absorb! I basicly want to read everything right now. Which isn’t possible of course, but I’m reading a good bunch.

I’m going to list them in the order from the one I liked least to the best one of the month. I thought first to list them in the order I read them, but then thought again when i noticed Aurora from auroralibrialis doing it this way and I thought it was a lot better because if the last book I read of the month is a one star it would be quite a bummer.

The Thirty-Nine Steps by John Buchan

thirty1 Star

No.. This book was not for me. I’m not the biggest fan og spy thrillers or crime and while I can appreciate the influence this book had on the genre, it didn’t keep me from being utterly bored and just waiting for the book to end. Definitely the worst read of the month.





Wolf Signs by Vivian Arend

wolf1,5 Stars

This is a book about a woman who finds out she’s a werewolf. She meets her mate on a trip and from there it reads more or less as an erotica which I’m not into. The best thing about this book is that it is set in Alaska. Probably what made me pick it up as a kindle freebie years ago too. It is fast paced and short, but I just can’t take a story seriously which refer to the opposite sex as “yummy”.




The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

sherlovk2,5 Stars

Sherlock Holmes stories follow a certain formula and I feel like either you enjoy them or you do not. I fall into the latter category. I could have enjoyed one or two stories maybe, but having them all in one book like this is too much. I would probably have dnf’ed it if it weren’t a list book (1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die). Holmes irritated me with his arrogance and there’s little mystery when he is almost godlike in his ability to solve the tasks.




The Fire King by C.S. Marks

the fire king3 Stars

This novella is a companion to one of my favorite trilogies and fantasy worlds, the Elfhunter trilogy. C.S. Marks has written several novellas that let us get to know more of the backstory of Alterra. In this one we follow Aincor, The Fire King known for his bravery, but also arrogance in his own abilities. It’s a nice novella, but one of the things I enjoy mostly about Elfhunter trilogy is the attention to every day details that is lacking in this novella where space is more limited.



Ice like Fire by Sara Raasch

ice like3 Stars

I want to love these books. The premise of the world divided in Seasons and Rythms is so cool and the action scenes are written very well. This second book suffers a little bit from the second book syndrome where it is quite slow in some parts. The biggest thing keeping me from giving this a higher score though is the romance. It is not very believable. I’m told more than shown and I can’t feel their pain if I didn’t believe in the relationship in the first place. I could never quite get a feeling for which boy Meira wanted and it kept me from getting to involved in either of them.



Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank

alas3 Stars

This book is about a town in Florida which is spared, but isolated, in a nuclear holocaust. There they have to learn how to survive. I enjoyed parts of this book a lot. Unfortunately it feels like every apocalypse book needs a part of it to be more “Lord of the Flies-like”. I didn’t enjoy that and it bumped it down a star for me. Still a good read and I’m happy I picked it up finally this month.




Bienes historie by Maja Lunde

bier3,5 Stars

This book connects three stories from different periods in time. It was a slightly odd book. I thought it tied the stories neatly together in the end, but they felt a bit flat in some parts of the book keeping it from being a great book.






Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day by Winifred Watson

Miss4 Stars

A lighthearted and fun read. I don’t have to much to say really. It was good and it was fairly quick to read.







Medeia by Euripides

medeia4 Stars

Medeia is a dark play about a woman who kills her children. I think I read it maybe a little bit too fast. There is a lot to dive into here, it’s basicly a deep look into the human psyche. I might read it again later to get more from it.






The Lavender Garden by The Lavender Garden by Lucinda Riley

lavendel4 Stars

Once in a while you just want to enter your comfort zone, that book you know you will get into and read quickly. I don’t quite know what to call this way of writing a book that delved into history through some happening in present time, but it’s definitely become its’ own thing. I enjoy it a lot and although the stories don’t necessarily stay with me forever it’s still very good and relaxing reads. This was one of the better ones I thought.




Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel


5 Stars 

No surprises here! I have re-read this more times than I can count and it was as good this time as ever. The book is set in a time before machines and technology and I love that! It’s very well research making you feel like you truly are there working for survival in this harsch climate. I just can’t praise this enough, it’s definitely on my top five novels on all time, but I think it might also be my number one favorite.
















Books I’m Thankful For (also first blogpost!)

Yesterday I watched another Top Five Wednesday video over at Sam’s Thoughts on Tomes. I thought it was a fun tag and it got me thinking about the books I am grateful for. When I noticed Aurora from Auroralibrialis, I thought I might make a blog to have a place to express all my bookish thoughts. Somehow twitter isn’t the best place for long ramblings.

Top Five Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Sam and it has it’s own goodreads group.

I have always had books in my life and more than anything I am grateful to my parents for introducing them to me. I read from a young age and have never quit although my reading exploded when I joined the 2017 Reading Challenge, in 2015.

5. In Her Name by Michael R. Hicks

In Her Name  I discovered In Her Name during a period of being very active on a kindle forum. It swept me away with its’ world and story. The whole series is very good, but the first book has a beauty to it that makes me come back to it again and again. It’s a mix between sci fi and fantasy. It has a lovely tone and it gave me the feeling of being transported far away to a foreign world I never quite wanted to leave.

4. Elfhunter by C.S. Marks

ElfhunterThis is the first book in a trilogy so when I say Elfhunter I really mean the full trilogy and the later books might be better.

These books are my comfort food. I need my dose of elves now and then and there is nothing to make me smile like these two. I’m very grateful for the way it makes even the most gray day a little brighter.

3. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende

NevcerendingThis fantasy has been with me since my childhood and represented wonder, curiosity and a protagonist to associate with. No longer was I the only weird one loving books more than people and always imagining other worlds. With this book I got to pretend I was Bastian, discovering Fantásia and all it’s wonders.

2. Kushiel’s Justice by Jacqueline Carey

kushielWhile the first trilogy in the Kushiel series are great, the second one is where my heart is at. This is the second book in the second trilogy so by all means don’t begin with this one! It is my favorite though and it’s one that never ceases to stop and think about life’s wonders and difficulties. I’m thankful for the way this book makes me appreciate life and for the fact that there is a melancholy character in literature like Imriel to associate with when life is rough. A character to grow with, to share pain, but also to find hope.

 1. Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean M. Auel

clanWhile most readers have trouble choosing their favorite book, this might just be mine. It has been with me for many years. I have read and listened to it more times than I can count. It satisfies a need in me to escape from this world of machines, noise and the demands of a global world. I first read it a New Year’s Eve in a tradition we no longer follow. In a way this book ties me to something that is long gone and even to my childhood. I’m so thankful this book exist.